Peter Drucker and Decision Making-part one

How many times have you been in meetings where decisions are made and yet when you look back, you find that absolutely nothing has been done?  I read a quote from the late Peter Drucker who noted several key points about the difference between decision making and action.  He noted that

  1. doing the right thing even if not perfectly executed is far superior than to perfectly executing the wrong thing.
  2. decisions need commitment to become action, without action no progress is made, and
  3. a decision remains inert until resources are allocated for it’s implementation.

So, what sort of actions do you need to take to move forward decisions that you have made?  Take a moment to break down and write down what specific next action needs to be made to move your strategic priorities forward.  They can be at the organizational level or at the personal level ( for example, take 10 minutes each day to stretch and increase my flexibility.)



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